A1X Android Total Station

A1X Android Total Station

Focus 50 Total Station With Ranger 7 controller

Focus 50 Total Station With Ranger 7 controller

A1X Android Total Station

Enhanced User Experience With New A1X Android Total Station

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A1X Android Total Station

The A1X Android Total Station is equipped with a new Android system, combined with a high-performance data processing unit, it realizes rapid response to complex operations, and a variety of measurement applications are readily available to various measurement scenarios and enhance user experience greatly.

Interactive OS with Powerful CPU

  • The Android onboard system optimized power supply and easy to learn, offers a simple and productive way of working;
  • With equiped with MSM8953 8-Core 64 bit 1.8GHz processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, A1X easily run complex calculation programs and quickly process massive data, makes the system works smoother and faster

One press” with Trigger Key and Auto Height measurement

  • The Trigger Key button makes the distance measurement more convenient, with Tracking mode 0.1s, and Fine mode 0.3s, users obtain the angle and distance values quickly and continuously.
  • This revolutionary Auto Height function enables A1X to measure and set instrument height automatically, changing the traditional station setup procedure. It is directly installed in the bottom part of the instrument and coaxial with the vertical axis, and the laser is directly aimed at the ground to ensure the accuracy of the point and avoid displacement or damage caused by collision.

Long range with reflectorless distance measurement

  • The innovative structural integrations and technical improvements on EDM distance measuring technology, optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio, stable objective lens system ensure the 1000m long reflectorless distance measurement with precise accuracy.

Stake out with Guide Light

  • The Guide Light is an LED indicator on the EDM with range of 200m by flashing in red and yellow in turn, it improves the work efficiency of stake out greatly.

Large screen with graphic Survey software onboard

  • With the 5-inch 1280 * 720 high resolution dual side light touch screen, A1X can turn complex data numbers into realistic graphic displays, more measurement information and buttons are displayed, makes workflow easier and shorter

Various of surveying programs onboard

Point Collect, Point Stakeout, Resection, Reference Line, Line stakeout, Distance Offset, REM, MLM, Road design, Road stakeout, Area & Girth, Dist. and Angle Conversation, Calculator, etc…

Simple and easy to learn, a good helper for surveying projects!

SOUTH A1X total station are widely used in Topographic survey, Engineering construction stakeout, Land Survey with area measurement, Teaching in colleges and universities, etc. It provides a reliable and efficient and productive solution to users!


Distance Measurement Reflectorless 1000m
Single Prism 5000m
Accuracy: Non Prism 2+2ppm
Accuracy: Prism A1 2" : 2+2ppm
Sheet 2+2ppm
Measurement Time 1.2s In Fine
0.2s In Tracking
Atmospheric Correction Manual Input, Auto Correction
Prism Constant Manual Input, Auto Correction
Temperature Correction Sensor Reading
Distance Reading Max: 99999999.999m Min: 1mm
Angle Measurement Accuracy A1x 2" : 2"
Method Absolute, Continuous
Disk Diameter 79mm
Detection Method V: Quadruple, H: Quadruple
Angle Reading Min: 0.1"
Telescope Image Erect
Tube Length 152mm
Effective Aperture 45mm (EDM 47mm)
Magnification 30x
Field Of View 1°30'
Resolving Power 3"
Minimum Focus Distance 1.5m
Muitiple/Additive Constant Not Adjustable
Keyboard And Display Keyboard 3 Keys
Display 5.0 Inches, Color Touch LCD
Resolution 1280*720 dpi
Position Face 1, Face 2
Operation System Operation System Andorid 9.0
Processor MT6735
Memory ROM: 32GB, RAM: 3GB
Interface WIFI 2.4G WIFI
Bluetooth BT4.0
SD Card None
Serial Port Yes
Mini USB None
Mirco USB Yes
USB Flash Disk Yes
SIM Card Yes, 4G, 3G
Compensator System Liquid, Dual Axis
Working Range ±6'
Accuracy 1"
Plummet Laser Plummet (Default)  
Accuracy ±1.5mm @1.5m
Laser Brightness 5 Levels Adjustable
Wavelength 635nm
Laser Class Class 2
Laser Power 0.5mW
Optical Plummet (Optional)  
Image Erect
Magnification 3x
Focusing Range 0.5m --
Field Of View 5"
Accuracy -
Battery Type Lithium
Voltage 7.4V
Operating time 8 hours
Vial Plate Vial 30" /2mm
Circular Vial 8' /2mm
General IP Rate IP55
Temperature Range -20°C -- +50°C
Dimension 206*200*353mm
Weight 6.0kg
Others Trigger Key
Others Guide Light 
Others Auto Height