R180 & S900+ Kit

R180 Combined Total Station & GPS Kit

S990+ GNSS Receiver

S990+ GNSS Receiver Kit

stonex s900+ GNSS

S900+ GNSS Receiver Kit

R180 Combined Total Station & GPS Kit

The R180 total station and S900+ GNSS receiver complete with UT12P controller and Cube-A field software make this the perfect combined total; station and GPS kit.
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R180 Combined Total Station & GPS Kit
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R180 Total station with S900+ GNSS Receiver & Cube-A Software
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The OnePole Solution is a surveying system that combines the high accuracy of prism measurements with the ability to measure points that are not visible from the Total Station (TS) using GNSS technology.

While a TS requires reference points that must be visible from the station, an RTK GNSS receiver can quickly determine its position with centimeter-level accuracy using data from satellites.

The OnePole Solution allows for the simultaneous use of TS and GNSS, and can easily switch between the two with a simple tap on a button. Additionally, the system reduces prism search times through auto-aiming to the current GNSS position.

The R180 is a highly accurate and fast Android robotic station. It features a rotation speed of 180°/sec and an EDM accuracy of 1 mm + 1 ppm, with a range of up to 1000 m without a prism. The R180 is available in two versions, 0.5″ and 1″ second. For both models, the quietness and smoothness in prism searches and rotations are among the most observed and appreciated features.

Equipped with the Android operating system, the R180 has Cube-a as onboard software. This enables users to navigate online and interact with the touch screen in an easy and familiar way.

The Cube-a onboard software includes all the classic functions of the program, as well as the integration of jobs done with GNSS and surveys done with the total station. This allows operators to achieve complex and professional work in a short time and with high accuracy. Additionally, the R180 has a camera and a light guide to further facilitate field work.


The R180 Robotic total station boasts a rotation speed of 180°/sec, making it one of the fastest in its product category. Not only is it speedy, but it is also impressively quiet, with noise levels among the lowest in its class. Additionally, the Tdrive technology, with a very high speed motor, allows for high-speed pursuit, even with a prism installed on moving vehicles. Not using gear technology ensures frictionless movement, greater durability, and less maintenance.


This instrument is top-of-the-line. Its detailed engineering allows for exceptional performance, achieving an accuracy of 1 mm + 1 ppm with a prism, at a measurement speed of significantly less than one second.


R180 guarantees high accuracy long range measurements: up to 1000 m in reflectorless mode and up to 6000 m using a single prism, with millimeter accuracy.


The R180 is further enhanced by the addition of a built-in camera, which can be utilized thanks to the presence of two 6-inch screens. This camera allows you to view the points operator have surveyed on the large screens, or to use the image to help with collimation.


R180 is equipped with an Android operating system and has Cube-a installed on board. The 6-inch touch screens allow you to have complete control of the station.

S900+ GNSS Receiver

Powerful Precision Performance

Stonex S900+ is equipped with a high-performance GNSS board with 1408 channels and can support multiple satellite constellations: GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO and QZSS. Through the 4G GSM modem, a fast Internet connection is guaranteed for receiving correction data and carry out precise and accurate surveys.

In the incredibly compact design, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules allow for always reliable data flow to the controller, while the integrated UHF TX/RX radio makes the S900+ the perfect system for a GNSS Base + Rover. The S900+ is also equipped with optional IMU technology. Quick initialization, tilt up to 60° and corrected coordinates of a point with a single click.

What are the performances of the S900+ with IMU?
• Fast initialization
• Up to 60° inclination
• 2 cm accuracy 30°
• 5 cm accuracy 60°
• Fast and precise survey
• No problem of electromagnetic disturbances

    Stonex S900+ with its 1408 channels, provides an excellent on-board real-time navigation solution with high accuracy. All GNSS signals (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO and QZSS) are included, no additional cost.

    4G MODEM

    S900+ has an internal 4G modem that operates with all world signals, a fast internet connection is guaranteed.


    IMU technology is available for this model, with quick initialization the operator can take advantage of all the precision and efficiency of this system.


    The dual slot for two smart hot swappable batteries gives you up to 12 hours of battery life. The power level can be checked and seen on the controller or directly on a led bar on the battery.

    RADIO (optional)

    S900+ has integrated UHF, double frequency 410-470MHz and 902.4-928MHz on request. The needs of each country are supported


    UT12P is a compact Android tablet, its efficiency and performances make it suitable for working in difficult conditions.

    It has been designed to be handy and pocket-sized with a very visible screen, with which you can easily interact, using all the standard touch gestures. This device is optimized to work for an extended period without stopping, it is made for demanding tasks.

    UT12P will work restlessly anywhere, anytime!

    Need a light and pocket-sized PDA? The UT12P is certainly the right choice, in fact for its size, with the long side of just 192 mm and the weight of 360 g, it is suitable to be stored even in very limited spaces. Its compactness, however, does not affect its visibility and usability, its 6-inch display is suitable for direct finger touch, without additional auxiliary accessories, and it supports operations with gloves and wet hands. Its wireless connection capability is accompanied by a dual SIM card slot, NFC transmission capability and a GNSS sensor that can simultaneously read three, among the main satellite constellations.

    In addition, the UT12P is equipped with an external connector for a GNSS antenna and USB Type-C. Despite its small size, it has a 14-pin POGO expansion available, useful for extending the functionality of the tablet.

    The UT12P is a very resistant, drop-proof and shockproof device, with IP67 hardness, solidity and reliability. The buttons available allow advanced customization.

    Stonex Cube-a field software.

    Cube-a is Stonex’s solution for professional surveying and GIS which has been designed and developed for the Android platform. Thanks to the flexibility of the Android environment, we have been able to create a simple and intuitive user interface that makes surveyors ready for any work, saving time and increasing productivity.

    Full support for touch gestures and the possibility to install it on Smartphones and Tablets are the keys to the success of Cube-a. It also includes support for many languages and adjusts its interface as from the current system language setting.

    Stonex field solutions for GNSS RTK, GIS will make operators’ work quick and easy, ensuring high productivity in all jobs requiring precision and efficiency.