GNSS post processing software

ONPOZ/EZSURV Post Processing Software

ONPOZ/EZSURV Post Processing Software

GNSS Post Processing at a single keystroke

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With the latest version of EZSURV Effigis brings you centimetre-level accuracy through a single keystroke. Simply import your MappingSurvey or UAV raw GNSS data into EZSurv and let it do the work for you.


Mapping data collection and processing is made easy, thanks to  EZTAG CE Software by Effigis. EZTag CE allows you to easily collect geospatial data, including points, lines and polygons, along with their specific attributes. It’s ready to use and requires no programming. Data captured by EZTag CE can seamlessly be post-processed by EZSURV .


EZSURV GNSS Post processing software is compatible with Industry standard field software like Field Genius from MicroSurvey as well as SurvCE from Carlson software.


EZSurv GNSS Post-Processing includes a specific functionality to interpolate UAV positions at specific events from post-processed UAV trajectory, calculated using GNSS raw data recorded inflight.

GNSS Receiver Format Compatibility

  • Altus-PS raw binary files
  • Ashtech™ ProMax500 raw binary files
  • BAP Precision Flint and Forge raw binary files
  • Carlson
  • CHC Navigation raw binary files
  • COMNAV T300
  • EOS Positioning Systems raw binary files
  • GENEQ raw binary files (BIN)
  • Hemisphere GNSS™ raw binary files
  • ikeGPS™ raw binary files
  • Javad™ raw binary files
  • Juniper Systems: Archer2-GEO, Allegro2-GEO, Mesa2-GEO (M8T model) and Geode raw binary files
  • Kolida raw binary files
  • Magellan eXplorist Pro 10 raw binary files
  • NavCom raw binary files
  • NovAtel raw binary files (PDC)
  • NVS Technologies AG raw binary files (BINR)
  • Pentax raw binary files
  • RINEX (V2 and V3, including compress version)
  • SATLAB Geosolutions raw binary files
  • Septentrio™ raw binary files (SBF)
  • SiRF raw binary files
  • South GPS raw binary files
  • Stonex® raw binary files
  • TechGeo raw binary files (GTR and PGL)
  • Topcon raw binary files
  • u-blox™ raw binary files

EZSurv GNSS Post-Processing software at a glance

  • Automatic connection to many base station data providers
  • Automatic connection to many precise orbit providers
  • Supports raw data from all GNSS constellations
  • Supports static and kinematic modes
  • Supports precise orbits and clocks for Precise Point Positioning (PPP)
  • Can achieve millimetre/centimetre-level accuracy
  • Least squares adjustment module for redundant GNSS vectors
  • Supports most coordinate systems
  • Supports many Geoid files
  • Offers many QA tools

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