GstarCAD 2018

GstarCAD 2018

GstarCAD 2018

Work simple and flawlessly, GstarCAD 2018 is a CAD platform solution upgrades from GstarCAD17. You will have an entirely new experience when creating documentation, detailing, or even sharing drawing data to accomplish your design with GstarCAD 2018. More stable and faster than any other CAD system, three important drafting solutions combined with a collaborative capability and innovative features is what this version offers to any CAD user.

*Prices listed below is the price to OWN the license NOT a yearly subscription*  

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What is GstarCAD ?

GstarCAD is well-known alternative CAD software of high compatibility with ACAD. With 25 years of continuous improvement and lean innovation, today GstarCAD is far ahead in performance, stability and other key indicators and becomes leading CAD software in the world.

GstarCAD 2018 Release

With great software performance and more efficient design tools, GstarCAD 2018 offers brand new experience in both architectural and mechanical design!

Workspaces switching & interface appearance

2D Drafting and classic interface can be switched in a wink. 2D drafting interface is supported by a ribbon with its tabs and panels. It displays the most used commands as thumbnails for easy selection. Classic interface is supported by toolbars and it's the most preferred by old users. Interface appearance makes your drawing environment more comfortable because it supports options for applying different themes as well as show or hide the menu bar, toolbars, file tabs and status bar.

Dynamic input

Dynamic Input provides a command interface near the cursor to help you keep your focus in the drafting area. Save time typing and finding out whatever longer or shorter command. Dynamic input can autocomplete the command name at once.

Property and Tool Palette

Properties palette displays the properties of the selected object or set of objects. You can specify a new value to modify any property that can be changed. Tool palette provides an efficient method for organizing and placing blocks.

Design Center

Design Center provides a graphic interface where you can manipulate and re-use drawings and their objects (blocks, layers, external references, and customized contents) from drawing files, network drives, and Internet locations. This way, you can speed up drawing constructing.


Command Line

You can enter a command by using the keyboard. You can also repeat the previous command by pressing Enter or Spacebar without entering a command.

Clean Screen

If you want to maximize drawing space, you can press "CTRL+0" or click Clean Screen icon on the right of status bar to hide Toolbars, Windows or Ribbon.

File Tabs

File tabs offer a fast way to switch the opening-drawings, and you can change the opening-order by draging tabs. It also has built in functionalty like save, close, audit and properties.

Lock UI

Lock the position of toolbar/window. The lock icon in the status bar indicates whether Toolbar/Window is locked. Click the icon to display locking options.

Layer Properties Manager & Layer States Manager

Layer properties manager displays a list of the layers in the drawing and their properties. You can add, delete, and rename layers, change their properties, set property overrides for layout viewports, or add layer descriptions and apply changes in real time.

Layer states manager enables you save the current property settings for layers in a named layer state and then restore those settings later.


If you wish to upgrade from your existing version of GstarCAD please contact us.

To download a 30 day GstarCAD Standard or Professional trial version please click the link below.

GstarCAD18 Trial 32bit

GstarCAD18 Trial 64bit

GstarCAD have also released a new program which users can use to view the dwg files free of charge.

Click here to download

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Gstar Cad 2019 you can now upgrade your current Gstar License to Gstar 2019 standard or professional between 10th of September 2018 and 15th of November 2018 for just £199 + vat for Gstar Standard or £299 + vat for Gstar Professional by simply adding the option to basket. Once purchased please contact us with your current Gstar license key to upgrade.

Need the software now? simply purchase any Gstar CAD 2018 and get a free upgarde to Gstar CAD 2019 on its release.