CADprofi HVAC & Piping

CADprofi HVAC & Piping

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CADprofi Architectural

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CADprofi Electrical

CADprofi HVAC & Piping

Parametric CAD-application for design technical building equipment. All installation kinds will be supported, i.e. heating, ventilation, air conditioning, piping and ducting.

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The module HVAC & Piping contains a library of objects enabling the design of installations of any type: HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), piping, ducting, plumbing, gas, medical, fire-safety and refrigeration installations as well as other kinds of technological installations for building construction and industry applications. Functions such as the design of plans and diagrams, isometric views, plans, and cross-sections, allow the user to employ a single software solution in designing a complex project.

Ease of Use

CADprofi is a professional parametric CAD application that vastly accelerates design work. The application’s convenient, user-friendly interface makes it possible to fully employ its features immediately, without the need of extensive software training. CADprofi is highly popular among architects and engineers. Less experienced users, who only occasionally work with CAD drawings, also highly praise the accessibility and functionality of our software.

Comprehensive Functionality

All of the application modules are mutually compatible, and each can be installed separately or in combination with any number of the others. CADprofi has been developed mainly as a tool used in 2D and isometric drawings. The continuously updated library of objects by many industry manufacturers also greatly facilitates 3D design. The software is equipped with a rich array of functions supporting the user at every level of design work: from autonumbering and description system to the bill-of-materials generation and exporting data into many file formats for further editing (including doc, xls, xml and many others).

Maximum Compatibility

Tens of thousands of users from all over the world have already chosen the CADprofi package. This is the reason, why we always take care to preserve full compatibility with other CAD applications in every new version of our software. CADprofi will automatically configure itself to be optimally compatible with any selected software environment (AutoCAD, Bricscad, GstarCAD, progeCAD, ZWCAD and many more). Drawings created in CADprofi are fully compatible with DWG and DXF formats and can be edited in any CAD application without the need to run and use our software. We develop continuous the CADprofi suite. Versions with new features appearing several times a year, providing the users with upgraded content and functionality. Our online updates enable every user to immediately access the latest in our software technology.

Key Features

  • Designing all types of complex installations (heating, plumbing, water, gas, medical, fire-safety, ventilation, air conditioning, industry automation, etc.)
  • Facilitating the drawing of plans, cross-sections, diagrams and isometric views.
  • Automatic drawing of pipe and ventilation ducts.
  • Automatic joining of ducts and pipes with any selected form parts.
  • Calculating the lengh of wires and the surface of ventilation ducts.
  • Fast design work using symbols and object in One-Click technology.
  • Automatic numbering wizard.
  • Manager of custom user content (blocks, drawing frames, symbols, etc.).
  • Automatic bill-of-materials generation; the BOM can be printed or exported using many target file formats, including pdf, rft (doc), xls, xml, csv, etc.
  • Automatic generation of visual symbol legends.
  • Library of equipment by leading manufacturers of many industries.
  • Metric and imperial units available.
  • On-line updates

CADprofi software is available for:

  • AutoCAD 2000 or higher(32/64bit)
  • AutoCAD Architecture 2000 or higher
  • AutoCAD MEP 2008 or higher
  • AutoCAD Mechanical 2000 or higher
  • Bricscad V4.0 or higher
  • ZWCAD 2008i - 2012
  • ZWCAD+ Professional **)
  • 4M CAD
  • ProgeCAD 2008 or higher
  • CADopia 8 or higher
  • StarICAD 2008
  • GstarCAD 2009 or higher
  • Intersoft IntelliCAD ***)
  • BitCAD V6
  • Arcadia 2009 SE ***)
  • IntelliPlus 8 or higher
  • JetCAD 2012 or higher
  • Other programs on request

*) only with optional LTX by Manusoft

**) CADprofi works only with the Professional version. ZWCAD+ Standard is not supported by CADprofi. 

***) CADprofi doesn't work on IntelliCAD/Arcadia 7

Compatible with Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Please note that this program is an application for CAD, not an independent CAD product (GstarCAD).

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CP Symbols HVAC & Piping Includes: General Symbols, Industrial Symbols, Radiators, Objects, Ventilation