cr700 laser receiver

Spectra Precision CR700 Laser Receiver

south 750 dual grade laser

South 750 Dual Grade Laser Level

CR700 Machine receiver kit

CR700 Machine Receiver Kit

Spectra Precision CR700 Laser Receiver

New Spectra Precision CR700 Digital Combination Laser Receiver that can be Machine or Grade Rod mountable.

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The all new Spectra Precision CR700 Laser Reciever has the same “light bar” technology that is included in the popular HL series of Spectra detectors and will deliver extremely accurate and more consistent results.

The CR700 step ahead in receiver technology! Its both Machine and Measuring Staff mountable.

The CR700 attaches to machines with the included new magnetic mount, which is 25% stronger than its predecessor (the CR600 magnetic mount), resulting in stable machine mounting and a reduction in errors.

With super bright directional LEDs, the CR700 is ideal for entry-level machine grade display, specifically on mini-excavators and backhoes. This provides instant grade information to the operator and eliminates the need for a rod man in the trench.

Aswell as the magnetic mount it also inlcuded the mounting bracket to attach it to measuring staffs.

For any application, the industry-leading 3 metre (10 ft) drop guarantee with 3-year warranty, confirm that the CR700 is the most reliable and robust laser detector available.

Spectra Precision digital readout detectors are simply the best laser receivers – without peers in accuracy, performance, reliability and warranty. The patented “light bar” technology provides more accurate and more consistent readings than traditional methods. This unique technology has fewer electronic components resulting in the most rugged and reliable laser detectors available on the market today.

The Digital readout allows you to set the readout to display in either milimeters or inches making this the perfect receiver for fast and accurate results.


Bright LED Arrow Displays – turn your head when you first turn on the CR700 because the new red/green/blue LED arrows are super bright and visible in all lighting conditions.

Magnetic Clamp – the new C71 magnetic clamp is 25% stronger than the CR600 magnetic clamp. It will not slip on the machine, no matter how rough the work is.

Light Bar Technology – patented laser reception technology delivers the most accurate, consistent and reliable performance.

Laser Radio Communication – the CR700 is radio-compatible with the GL400N / GL600N series grade lasers and the model HV302. This enables the use of time saving functions such as Grade Match, Fingerprinting, PlanLok and Axis Alignment.

IP67 – dustproof, waterproof, weatherproof.

3 metre (10ft) Drop Guarantee – almost destruction proof, extremely robust, eliminates downtime.

Digital Read-Out – the CR700 provides the exact distance from true level, numerically.

Remote Display – pair the CR700 detector with an HL760U detector and use as a remote display — very useful for machine operators and site supervisors.

"Fingerprint" On/Off – a menu function allows the CR700 to enable or disable Fingerprinting. This means it will only pick-up the red laser beam from your Rotary laser.

Backlight – to enable the User to view the laser detector in the dark.

Vertical Drift Alarm – when using lasers in vertical mode, after setting up your line, let the laser detector warn you if the laser has been disturbed.

3-Year Warranty – Competitors are not even close to covering 3 years on their laser detectors.


Working radius: 1m to 460m

Laser detection height (of pick-up window): 127mm

Numeric read-out height: 102mm

Radio range, working radius: up to 200m, depending on orientation, conditions and paired device.

Accuracy (deadband): ultra fine 0.5mm, super fine 1.0mm, fine 2.0mm, medium 5.0mm, coarse 10.0mm or Machine 25.0mm

Reception angle: 200 degrees (laser & distance dependent).

Detectable spectrum: 610 to 780nM

Sounder volumes: Loud 110 dBA, Medium 95dBA or Low 65dBA (selectable).

Power supply: 3 x 1.5V type AA alkaline batteries.

Battery life: 60+ hrs; 16hrs continuous with backlight on.

Automatic shut-off: 30 minutes.

Protection rating: Dustproof and Waterproof to IP67

Weight: 500g 

Shipping weight: 1.4kg

Dimensions: 99W x 198H x 33D mm

With the CR700 there is no competitive equivalent!

The CR700 will benefit Users that may request the HL700 or HL760U, because in addition to providing the same extremely accurate and reliable results with patented “light bar” technology, the CR700 detector.........

• Can be attached to backhoes and mini-excavators displacing the need for an extra rod man.
• Has super bright LEDs providing visual indication over long distances – ideal for vertical alignment applications.
• Can be attached to a measuring staff, the same as an HL700 and HL760U but with a larger reception angle, providing more flexibility.
• Can be used with Spectra Precision lasers that have advanced functions such as GradeMatch, Finger Printing and Axis Alignment.
• The most versatile laser detector on the market ,offering unrivalled performance and advanced functionality.

Kit includes

CR700 Detector
Batteries: 3 x type AA, alkaline
C71 Strong magnetic machine mount
C70 Standard staff mounting bracket
User Guide
3 Year Warranty