FG-LL30+/31+/32+/33+ Laser Plummets

FG-LL30+/31+/32+/33+ Laser Plummets

FGL-100 Precision Optical (Zenith) Plummet

FGL-100 Precision Optical (Zenith) Plummet

FLP 100 Laser Plummet

FLP 100 Laser Plummet

FG-LL30+/31+/32+/33+ Laser Plummets

FG-LL30+/31+/32+/33+ 2 axis electronic self-leveling laser / for zenith plumbings / laser class 2 / with carrying case

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FG-LL30+ Zenith Low Power Laser Class 2
FG-LL31+ Zenith High Power Laser Class 3R
FG-LL32+ Nadir Low Power Laser Class 2
FG-LL33+ Nadir High Power Laser Class 3R
Surcharge for all Models - Higher Accuracy 2.5mm/100m

Fully automatic

Automatic leveling and cut-out in

case of low battery or jerky
Undervoltage lock-out
LCD Display new!
bright display, instrument data,
company data, battery status and
Lithium Ion Battery new!
until 60 hrs operating time,
battery charges in 5 hrs max.
automatic can be switched off
Tilt over fix points is possible
Special laser beam quality
Diode laser with visible beam,
high-performance optics, high
performance expectancy and low
power consumption.
High safety
Control indicators with blinking
warning system for leveling,
operating status and low battery.
Uncompromisingly easy
All you have to do is switch on/off.
The rest is carried out automatically.
Convenient carry handle
For easy carrying and handling.


Laser class LL30+/ 32+ - 2, Output < 1mW

Laser class LL31+/ 33+ - 3, R, Output < 5mW

Laser – Diode, Visible, Red, 635nm

Accuracy - + 5 mm / 100 m

                + 2.5 mm / 100 m

Self-Levelling Range - + 5 %

Range - FG-LL30+/ 32+ - 200m

            FG-LL31+/ 33+ - 500m

Operating time with Li-Ion-Battery – FG0-LL30+/32+ 60hours

                                                     FG0-LL31+/33+ 45hours

External power supply - 11 V to 14 V DC with cable no. 0117.00

Watertight - IPC 67

Temperature range - -10°C ... +50°C

Weight (in kg) – 3.4