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Kobus Manhole Cover Lifter with Trolley Handle


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ADA Wall Scanner 80

Kobus Manhole Cover Lifter with Trolley Handle

Developed by Kobus, a drain cleaning engineer, the two piece KOBUS Lifter is a revolutionary manhole cover lifting device, designed to overcome the problems that existing equipment is unable to tackle.

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Kobus Manhole Cover Lifter with Trolley Handle
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Born out of necessity the kobus manhole cover lifter with trolley handle is a durable, compact, portable and flexible tool, providing safe and speedy cover lifting in almost any circumstances.

It has been an outstanding success in site trials and has been acclaimed by drainage engineers, ground workers and tool hire companies.

Light weight : Weighing less than 18kg per piece, the KOBUS lifter has the footprint of a vacuum cleaner and can be carried safely by one man.

Powerful :It is ready to go without further assembly and this model can lift man-hole covers weighing up to 2000kg and 225mm in thickness.

Fast & Safe : It is safer and faster than manual lifting with keys alone.

Versatile : The KOBUS Lifter can be manoeuvred in very restricted space and will lift any shape of manhole cover, covers made up of more than one piece and even covers which have been corroded in.

Maintenance Free : There are no hydraulics and the moving parts are self-serviceable.

The Kobus manhole cover lifter is supplied with 2 x LIFTING KEYS with 4 x INTERCHANGEABLE TIPS : one pair with tips measuring 35x15x5mm and the other set 25x12x5mm. Threaded M8 M10 & M12 Tips and 3/8in. Hooked Tips are also available and other non-standard tips can be manufactured to order.

Includes TROLLEY HANDLE which allows the Kobus to be wheeled easily between sites.