Mini Vane Anemometer

Mini Vane Anemometer

Multi-Function Environment Meter

5-in-1 Multi-Function Environment Meter

Hi-Accuracy Hand Held Thermo-Hygrometer

Hi-Accuracy Hand Held Thermo-Hygrometer

Mini Vane Anemometer

This easy-to-use mini vane anemometer has user selectable measuring units for air velocity.

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Mini Vane Anemometer is available to buy in increments of 1

The lightweight, slim line mini vane anemometer displays maximum measured values and average values since power on.

  • 1.1 to 30m/sec x 0.01m/sec
  • Selectable measurement units: m/sec ft/min, mph, km/hr or knots
  • Sapphire jewel bearing ensures fast and accurate readings
  • 26mm LCD display with function indicators
  • Sampling rate of 1 reading per second
  • Auto Backlight activates in low light environments
  • Max Hold since power on
  • Average Hold since power on
  • Auto Power Off after 15 minutes of no activity
  • Low Battery indication
  • Supplied with battery

Calibration Certificate

Issued at 3 points:

7.5, 15 and 22.5m/sec

Additional points at:

£15.00 per point

From 2 to 30m/sec

Technical Specifications

Range              m/sec            ft/min            km/hr            mph            knots

Minimum            1.1              80               0.8            0.9            0.8

Maximum           30              5,900           108            67             58

Resolution         0.01              1               0.2             0.2            0.2

Accuracy            ±3% of reading ±0.3m/sec

Power              1 x 9V PP3 Alkaline Battery (LR-61)

Dimensions        165 x 54 x 35mm

Weight            140g