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Digital Monitoring Professional Kit

Crack Monitoring Kit

Crack Monitoring Kit

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Digital Monitoring Professional Kit

This digital crack monitoring set contains all that is needed to set up a crack monitoring system using precision callipers.

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Supplied in a courier bag with shoulder strap, it includes a Crack Width Gauge to measure the width of cracks prior to monitoring, a Digital or Vernier calliper, a pack of monitoring datum and Crack Record Sheets. Also included is an illustrated manual with full instructions and describes best practice methods for using the callipers. All the components can be re-ordered separately in order to replenish the kit.

The kit, supplied in a courier bag, contains:

1x Digital calliper

1x Crack Width Gauge for measuring the width of cracks prior to monitoring.

1x Pair of Corner Discs for monitoring cracks in corners.

1x Pack of 100 Avonmarks.

1x Pack of 100 Stainless Steel Discs.

1x Pack of Plastic Padding (Chemical Metal)

Full Instructions and Crack Record Sheets (Replacement Crack Record Sheets can be downloaded from here).



The distance between the monitoring datum is measured and recorded on the crack record sheet (supplied)

The rate and trend of movement becomes apparent as subsequent readings are taken

Cracks may be monitored in corners using Avongard Corner Discs

Use singly to monitor two dimensional movement or in pairs to monitor three dimensional movement.


Digital Callipers

Fine resolution monitoring can be achieved using high precision calipers to measure the distances between a datum fixed either side of the crack. Stainless Steel Discs or polycarbonate Avonmarks, all supplied by Avongard, can be used as datum points either side of the crack. Cracks in corners can be monitored using Avongard Corner Discs.

Calibrated to 0.01mm and 0.0005ins

Supplied in a plastic wallet