Galaxy G1 Plus GPS

Galaxy G1 Plus GPS

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G1C GPS with Nautiz x8 and Field Genius



Galaxy G1 Plus GPS

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Galaxy G1 Plus
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G1 Plus Rover
G1 Plus Base (includes tripod, tribrach, adaptor & extension pole)
UT12 Controller with Field Genius Software (includes pole and Clamp)
UT30 Rugged Android Tablet with Field Genius Software (includes pole and clamp)
G1 Plus with H6 Controller Field Genius Software & 12 months RTK

Intelligent platform

Linux OS

New generation of embedded Linux operating system platform improves RTK performance and work

Data Link

Built-in functional digital radio

SOUTH self-developed digital radio which can fully support the communications with the mainstream radio protocols: Trimtalk450S, TrimMark3, PCC EOT, and SOUTH. Realize the efficiency. Its operating efficiency is higher; a unique core processing mechanism which can respond to more than one command at one time; it starts faster and more responsive in real time. While the stability of system is much higher, it can be adapt to the job of longer uninterrupted power.

Web UI management platform

Embedded Web UI management platform supports WIFI and USB mode connection. Users can monitor the receiver status and configure it via the internal Web UI management platform.

random switching of the radio range 410MHZ-470MHZ and the power level as well.

Radio repeater: The rover can broadcast the corrections via internal radio to other rovers after received the radio differential signal.

Internet repeater: The rover can broadcast the corrections via internet to other rovers after received the network differential signal.

Built-in network module

Standard 4G module which supports WCDMA/CDMA2000/TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE 4G network and downward compatible with 3G GPRS/EDGE. Smart PPP dialing technology can auto dial which makes the G1 PLUS keeping online continuously during the survey.

Wireless data communications


New Wi-Fi module, not only can be used as data link to access to internet, but also can be as a hotspot which can be accessed by any other smart devices to configure the receiver.

Full satellite constellations support

Equipped with most advanced GNSS boards, SOUTH Galaxy G6 system can track most signals from all kinds of running satellite constellations, especially supports the signals from Beidou3, also is able to get position result only with Beidou signal.

IMU auxiliary tilt measurement

The uniquely capable IMU sensor is able to greatly improve the productivity of RTK measurement because of its excellent performances, fast initialization, calibration-free, not affected by magnetic environment. Rapidly measures points without leveling instrument, as long as pole tip reaches the target.

Intelligent technology

Storage technology

Internal 8GB SSD and it supports external USB storage.

Supports STH, RINEX raw data storage and the sample rate can reach to 50Hz.

Supports automatic data storage cycle, the data will be automatically deleted when the space is not enough.

Disk-On-key which can easily copy the data to external U disk.

Dual-battery system

The new design for battery house can support 2 batteries installed, that is able to last longer time for common field work!


Intelligent iVoice can voice broadcast the current receiver status and operation guide in real time, it supports multiple languages.

Shake tilt measurement

It's a tilt measurement technology based on the patented core algorithm. No magnetic sensor use, calibration-free, anti-jitter, unlimited tilt angle.


Satellite Signals Tracked Simultaneously

Signal tracking

336 channels, 692 channels (optional)


BDS B1,B2,B3






SBAS L1C/A,L5 (just for the satellites supporting L5)






RTX function (336 channels version supports)

GNSS features

Positioning output rate:1Hz~50Hz


Initialization time:<10s


Initialization reliability:>99.99%

Positioning precision

Code differential GNSS positioning

Horizontal: ±0.25m+1ppm           Vertical: ±0.50m+1ppm


SBAS positioning accuracy:typically<5m 3DRMS

Static GNSS surveying

Horizontal: ±3mm+0.1ppm        Vertical: ±3.5mm+0.4ppm

Fast static

Horizontal: ±3mm+0.3ppm        Vertical: ±5mm+0.5ppm

Real-time kinematic surveying

Horizontal: ±8mm+1ppm           Vertical: ±15mm+1ppm


Horizontal: 3-10cm (5-30min)     Vertical: 8-20cm (5-30min)

RTK initialization time


User interaction

Operaing system



Two buttons operation


Five indicate lights

Web UI

Freely to configure and monitor the receiver by accessing to the web server via Wi-Fi and USB

Voice guide

iVoice intelligent voice technology provides status and voice guide


Supporting Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and user define

Secondary development

Providing secondary development package

Hardware performance




1.39kg (with two batteries)


Magnesium aluminum alloy shell






95% Non-condensing


IP67 standard, protected from long time immersion to depth of 1m


IP67 standard, fully protected against blowing dust

Shock and vibration

Withstand 2 meters pole drop onto the cement ground naturally

Power Supply

9-25V DC, overvoltage protection


Rechargeable, removable Lithium-ion battery, 7.4V 3400mAh/per; standard four batteries power package (optional)

Battery solution

Supporting one or two batteries installed; supporting power pole connection

Battery life

Single battery: >8h (static mode).And two installed hot swappable batteries works for more than 16 hours.


I/O port

5PIN LEMO external power port + RS232, 7PIN external USB(OTG)+Ethernet


1 radio antenna interface, SIM card slot

Wireless modem

Built-in radio, 1W/2W/3W switchable, typically work range can be 8KM


Radio and internet repeater switchable

Frequency Range


Communication Protocol

TrimTalk450s, TrimMark3, PCC EOT, SOUTH

Cellular Mobile Network

WCDMA/CDMA2000/TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE 4G network modem, downward compatible with 3G GPRS/EDGE

Double Module Bluetooth

BLEBluetooth 4.0 standard, support for android, ios cellphone connection


Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR standard

NFC Communication

Realizing close range (shorter than 10cm) automatic pair between receiver and controller


(controller equipped NFC wireless communication module needed)

External Devices

Optional external GPRS/EDGE dual-mode communication module, switchable;


allow to connect external WLAN card



802.11 b/g standard

WIFI Hotspot

The WIFI hotspot allows any mobile terminal to connect and access to the internal webserver for the control


and moditor receiver


To work as the datalink that receiver is able to broadcast and receive differential data via WIFI

Data storage/ Transmission

Data Storage

8GB SSD internal storage


Support external USB storage and automatical cycle storage


Changeable record interval, up to 50Hz raw data collection

Data Transmission

USB data transmission, supporting FTP/HTTP data download

Data Format

Differential data format: CMR+, CMRx, RTCM 2.1, RTCM 2.3, RTCM 3.0, RTCM 3.1, RTCM 3.2


GPS output data format: NMEA 0183, PJK plane coordinates, Binary code, Trimble GSOF


Network model support: VRS, FKP, MAC, fully support NTRIP protocol

Inertial sensing system

IMU tilt compensation

Additional horizontal pole tip uncertainty typically less than 8 mm + 0.6 mm/˚ tilt down to 30˚,


tilt angle: 0˚ - 60˚

Electronic bubble

Controller software display electronic bubble, checking leveling status of the centering rod real time


Built-in thermomter sensors, adopting intelligent temperature control technology which can mornitor and adjust the temperature of receiver in real time



Optional Controllers & Software:

UT30 Rugged Android Tablet with Field Genius Software (UT30 controller comes with pole and mount)

  • Electromagnetic screen, precise touch - With an 8-inch electromagnetic touch screen, you can use the U-Pen stylus to accurately click and select on the screen, and easily complete the sketching operation, you can also use U-Pen for manual recording of memo record and photo editing.
  • USB Type-C - The device adopts USB Type-C interface design, the interface is symmetrical on both sides and supports plug and deplug in both directions. The service life of the interface can reach 10,000 times, which is twice that of the ordinary USB port. The supporting data cables are also specially reinforced to ensure the durability of the product.
  • Full constellation satellite signal reception, high precision - The professional-grade positioning module supports BDS, GPS, GLONASS constellation satellite system reception, and supports GNSS ground-based augmentation system reception, the differential positioning accuracy is up to sub-meter level.
  • Fast charging technology - Support Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology to quickly charge the battery.
  • Full Netcom, through the world - Thanks to Qualcomm's industry-leading baseband signal processing technology, a network antenna supporting global frequency bands has been designed to enable the UT30 to use 4G worldwide.
  • 8200mAh removable battery, long battery life - The 8200mAh large-capacity removable polymer battery ensures the working intensity of field workers for one day

UT12 with Field Genius Software (UT12 Controller comes with pole and mount)

The UT12 is equipped with a 6-inch retina display and the 8-core 2.2GHz CPU, provides a new experience for the industry users, faster running speed, more memory, longer battery life and better operating system.

Well design, excellent performance
Using Qualcomm MSM8953, 8-core 2.2GHz frequency, powerful
performance, faster operationg
Huge internal storage,
expandable up to 128GB
4G RAM +32G memory, support for maximum 128GB memory
card expansion. Large memory ensures smooth operation of the
device, satellite imagery, vector graphics, photos, and videos can
be loaded into the device.
8000mAh removable battery,
long battery life
In the 6-inch size, the removable 8000mAh large-capacity battery
allows you to have a better grip and easy to handle a high-intensity
operation throughout the day, saying goodbye to the lack of
electricity during work.
6-inch screen, sunlight readable
Full HD 6-inch 1080P retina sunlight visual screen, ultra-sensitive
touch, support wet gloves mode to meet the needs of industry
Dual SIM card, built-in 4G network module
Dual SIM card slot design, support 2/3/4G network, support
diversity reception, dual carrier aggregation and VoLTE voice
Full constellation satellite signal reception,
high precision
Adopt professional GNSS chip, support BDS, GPS, GLONASS
full constellation satellite reception, support SBAS differential,
accurate and reliable positioning accuracy.
Air pressure sensor
The G-sensor air pressure sensor is equipped with a patented
algorithm, the elevation measurement error is better than 3m,
and the elevation measurement accuracy is more guaranteed.
High-powered loudspeaker
High-powered loudspeaker, with professional noise-canceling
microphones, you can make easy conversations and intercoms
even in the noisy environments.
High-speed data transmission
The device supports USB3.0 data transmission, and the transmission
speed is 10 times higher than traditional USB2.0. The
Type-C interface can be used for plug and deplug in both directions.

Full Surveyors kit option:

G1 plus GPS complete with H5 Controller, Field genius software, 12 months RTK Corecction Service (limited) with multi network sim, GPS pole and Bracket

H5 is a new generation professional controller running on Android which offers state of the art smartphone capabilities combined with rugged professional quality. And the alphanumeric keypad which gives flexibility for surveyors field work.

H5 as an Industrial controller has rugged cover which reaches to IP67. The device is waterproof and 2m drop proof. The frame of the H5 is magnesium alloy, which is both lightweight and strong. Your data will be protected and the reliability of the device in the most challenging environments. 

In addition, the 3400 mAh Li-ion battery fulfills the long time working time need. Protected and secure, the SIM card slots are located under the  battery and inside the battery door.  Adopting various sensors, like barometers, NFC, gyroscope, E-compass, G-sensor, etc. The powerful network module can provide multiple options and perfect experience of high speed net connection. The H5 can be configured with internal Bluetooth, WiFi, Camera, GPS and cellular functionality. There are even additional options such as bulit-in bar code reader and interphone  functions.

Please note that the Galaxy G1 Plus base option comes with Tripod, Tribrach, Adapter and Extension pole.