40 Meter Laser Distance Meter

40 Meter Laser Distance Meter

30 metre laser distance metre

30 Metre Mini Laser Distance Meter

Cosmo 120 Bluetooth Video Distance Meter

Cosmo 120 Bluetooth Video Distance Meter

40 Meter Laser Distance Meter

The ADA Cosmo Mini is a compact and comfortable laser distance metre with a range of 40 Meters

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Laser distance meter ADA COSMO Mini 40 is a new and compact instrument for measurements up to 40 m. It is a most suitable laser distance meter in the special COSMO product range. It has minimum quantity of functions for measurements and calculations.

Accuracy and distance. Laser distance meter ADA COSMO Mini 40 is used for distance measurements up to 40 m indoors. Measurement error is ±2,0 mm.

Easy operation. All measurements are taken with 4 buttons. First button is a measurement. Also this button is used for switching on and activating continuous measurement function. Second button is used for selection of functions: Area, volume, measurements according to Pythagorean theorem. Third button - cancel and switch off.

Ideal set of functions. Notwithstanding the simplicity and compact sizes, ADA COSMO Mini 40 performs all necessary functions: distance measurements, continuous measurements, area, volume, addition and subtraction of measurements. Indirect values (measurements of high objects or through obstruction) can be measured by Pythagorean theorem.

Bright display. 3 line display with constant backlight is very comfortable when working at any time of day. White numbers are easy to read at any illumination. Final result is displayed with big numbers in the low line. Smaller numbers show previous in the two upper lines.

Selecting units (ft/m) and reference point. The instrument is switched off. Press and hold switch ON button for 7 sec. Until the desired unit is displayed. If necessary it is possible to change the reference point: front or back part of the instrument.

Automatic shut-off. The backlight of the display automatically shuts off in 60 sec of inactivity. The instrument will shut off completely in 180 sec.

Compact and comfortable. Due to its ergonomic and compact design with rubber protective coating, ADA COSMO Mini 40 fits perfectly in a hand. It is a light instrument. It weighs just 120 g. High protection from shocks during falling. Water and dust protection – IP 54.

Laser distance meter ADA COSMO Mini 40 is ideal choice both for indoor and outdoor operations. Appropriate Instrument for construction and home.

Working range 0.05 to 40 m
Accuracy ±2 mm
Minimum unit of measurement   1 mm
Laser class 2
Dust/water protection     


Battery 2хAAA /1.5V
Dimensions 108х38х29 mm
Weight  120 g

distance measurement, continuous measurement, area, volume, measurement by  Pythagorean theorem (2 dots)