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  • GstarCAD

    GstarCAD's native file format is .DWG, so when you open an existing Autodesk AutoCAD file (2.5 to 2009), there's no file conversion and no data loss. GStarCAD also provides a full compatibility with AutoCAD Command Line, menu (.MNU) and script (.SCR) files, hatches, fonts and true type fonts-Complex linetypes, Multiline Text, Lightweight polyline, Draw commands, Audit & Recover as well as AutoLISP and ADS. That means you can start to work immediately using the AutoCAD files, commands and applications you rely on

  • Orthograph

    OrthoGraph is a floor plan survey and creation system made up by a CAD app running on the iPad and a respective group of cloud services.

  • CADprofi

    The world leading CAD software add-on including Mechanical, Architectural, HVAC & Piping and Electrical appliances. 

  • MicroSurvey

    Microsurvey have over twenty years of developing complete software solutions for surveying and mapping. Land surveyors, construction professionals and civil engineers using total stations, GPS, and data collectors use their desktop and handheld software to increase efficiency and productivity.

    They offer the complete software package from the standard CAD software, to on-site land surveying software, to data transfer and sharing solutions to managing LIDAR data sets with ease.

  • Spectra Precision Software

    Spectra Precision Layout Pro Field and Spectra Precision Layout Pro Office Spectra Precision building construction positioning solutions give contractors more control of their job sites allowing significant improvements in construction accuracy and productivity. The pocket-sized Spectra Precision® Layout Pro Field software lets you carry, manage, work with, and lay out your job site blueprint.


  • 3D Drone Software

    3Dsurvey software and documentation are supplied electronically, in the form of the license key (alpha-numeric code) and the web link to the 3Dsurvey software. 

    Price £2,850.00 (£3,420.00 inc VAT)

  • Auto-CAD Roof Software

    Auto-CAD Roof software

    Price £1,690.00 (£2,028.00 inc VAT)

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