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Pipe Beam Laser

Pipe beam lasers are used to align pipes and assist in setting grades, they produce a single dot towards the front of the laser. They can be used for installing fencing etc to ensure a perfectly straight run. South Survey stocks all the leading manufacturers including QBL, Leica and CST/Berger


  • DG613 Pipe Laser

    The Spectra Precision DG613 Pipe Laser is built for efficiency, accuracy and reliability when laying pipes. The length of the DG613 has been reduced to make it easier to set up the lasers into tight inverts in the manhole. 

    Price £2,083.33 (£2,500.00 inc VAT)

  • DG813 Pipe Laser

    When speed, improved reliability, robustness and long lasting performance are required for Pipe Laying the Spectra Precision DG813 is the answer. Completely waterproof, with large self-levelled grade range, the DG813 is so fast, so smart and so easy to use that it is an unsurpassed laser tool for pipe laying.

    Price £2,500.00 (£3,000.00 inc VAT)