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Optical & Laser Plummets

South Surveys precision optical & laser plummets are designed with accuracy in mind and is ideal for the construction of vertical lift shafts, mining or larger construction jobs.


  • FG-L30 Nadir and Zenith Plummet

    The FG-L30 is designed for plumbings of medium precision. With a precision of + 1 mm / 30m, 9x magnification, shortest target distance possible of 400 mm and an included reversion bubble level of 20"/2mm and the coercive alignment in the trivet, the device is ideal for being used in the field of construction above and below ground as well as surveying.

  • FGL-100 Precision Optical (Zenith) Plummet

    For high accuracy zenith plumbing with built in optical plumbing for the erection of tall buildings, smoke stacks, hoist heads, drilling rigs and cooling towers and for special tasks in industrial measurement as well as shaft measurement.

    Price on Application

  • FG-LL30+/31+/32+/33+ Series Plummet High Power - Low Power

    FG-LL30+/31+/32+/33+ 2 axis electronic self-leveling laser / for zenith plumbings / laser class 2 / with carrying case

    Price on Application