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Nikon Levels


  • Nikon AC-2S Automatic Level

    Compact, lightweight and water-resistant auto levels with superior optics Nikon AP/AC/AX Series auto levels are compact and lightweight—they weigh just 2.8 lbs—making them convenient and easy to use in the field. Their rugged, water-resistant construction means you can use them in light rain or dusty conditions. AP/AC/AX Series auto levels are easy to set up and easy to use. All three models can attach to both flat- and spherical-head tripods, and horizontal tangent knobs with an unlimited range ensure smooth, precise pointing and angular measurement-and you can operate them with either hand. The detachable eyepiece lens lets you use an optional diagonal eyepiece prism for working in extremely close quarters.

    Price £280.00 (£336.00 inc VAT)

  • Nikon AP-8 Automatic Level

    Compact and lightweight, this automatic level features a magnetic-dampened automatic compensator to level the line of sight; quality Nikon® optics for bright, sharp, detailed images; and rugged water-resistant construction. The horizontal tangent knobs can be operated with either hand and feature an unlimited range to ensure smooth, precise pointing and angular measurement. Carrying case, lens cap, plumb bob, adjustment tool, and vinyl dust cover included.

    Price £440.00 (£528.00 inc VAT)

  • Nikon AS-2/AS-2C Automatic Level

    The Nikon AS-2 and AS-2C auto-levels provide a high degree of accuracy for a variety of survey applications, including elevation control and monitoring.

    Price £955.00 (£1,146.00 inc VAT)