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A theodolite consists of a moveable telescope mounted between a vertical and horizontal axes. The use of a theodolite generally requires the help of at least one other person besides the main operator to help measure and align angles.

A theodolite, set on a tripod, to measure angles (horizontal and vertical), combined with the process of triangulation. Starting from a position with known location and elevation, the distance and angles to the unknown point are measured.


  • Spectra Precision Theodolite DET-2

    The Spectra Precision® DET-2 is a rugged, cost-effective theodolite designed to give accurate angle measurements in general construction applications. The affordable, versatile, easy to use instrument and accessories will increase your productivity when turning angles and setting elevations and lines. 

    Price £950.00 (£1,140.00 inc VAT)

  • Theodolite DT-02

    The DT-02 can be used for control surveying, mining, railways, irrigation and project surveying. The microcomputer techniques adopted in the instrument competes automatic calculation, storage and display.

    Price £749.00 (£898.80 inc VAT)

  • Theodolite FG-FT3

    The FG-FT3 is the perfect instrument for alignment of pillars, masts, scaffolds, sheathings and elements but also for the more simple pegging and levelling tasks

    Price on Application