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Theodolites & Total Stations

At South Survey we offer a wide range of theodolites and total stations to meet all your requirements from the basic theodolite to the all inclusive total station. If we dont have listed what you require please contact us.

  • Total Stations

    Easy-To-Use quality Total Stations for applications like Land Surveying, Construction, Construction Stake-Out, Mapping, GIS Mapping, Accident Reconstruction, Law Enforcement, and Environmental Studies. The Accuracy and Versatility of Total Stations can increase efficiency and save time simultaneously. 

  • Theodolites

    A theodolite consists of a moveable telescope mounted between a vertical and horizontal axes. The use of a theodolite generally requires the help of at least one other person besides the main operator to help measure and align angles.

    A theodolite, set on a tripod, to measure angles (horizontal and vertical), combined with the process of triangulation. Starting from a position with known location and elevation, the distance and angles to the unknown point are measured.