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Mini Prisms

If you can not find the right Mini Prism for your needs here then please contact us with your requirements and we will find it for you.


  • Sliding 360 Pin Pole Prism Kit

    The 360 prism assembly slides on 9 mm diameter solid steel pin poles and Composed of seven 12.7 mm diameter silver coated mini prisms in a 360° configuration

    Price £499.00 (£598.80 inc VAT)

  • Pin Pole with 25 mm Mini Prism System

    Pin Pole with 25 mm Mini Prism System

    Price £91.68 (£110.02 inc VAT)

  • Mini Prism

    Affordable Single Mini Prism

    Price £59.50 (£71.40 inc VAT)

  • Offset Mini Prism (L Bar Mini Prism)

    Offset Mini Prism 75mm Offset

    Price £75.00 (£90.00 inc VAT)

  • Sliding Prism and Sectional Pole Kit

    • This system tilts and slides up and down pin poles
    • Features a 25-mm, 0 offset silver-coated prism and a high-quality aluminum holder
    • Site cones double as locks

    Price £252.88 (£303.46 inc VAT)

  • 25 mm Sliding Mini Prism Metric Assembly

    • The prism holders allow ‘non-zero’ prism offsets to ‘slide’ and are available in -30 mm offset
    • Equipped with a 25 mm silver-coated mini prism and height scales built into the holder frames
    • Sliding range of 0.50-foot (15 cm)

    Price £343.21 (£411.85 inc VAT)

  • 0/-30 mm Offset Mini Prism Pin Pole Kit

    0/-30 mm Offset Mini Prism Pin Pole Kit.

    Price £140.00 (£168.00 inc VAT)