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Applied in tunnels, dams, bridges, monuments, structures, buildings, slopes and landslides.


  • RSZ2, RSZ3, RSZ4, RSZ6 Self Adhesive Reflective Targets

    RSZ2, RSZ3, RSZ4, RSZ6 Self Adhesive Reflective Targets

    Price £1.09 (£1.31 inc VAT)

  • RS10

    RS10 Finsihed Floor level and axis markers for ensuring the surveyed measurements are securely marked.

    Price £1.64 (£1.97 inc VAT)

  • RS20

    The RS20 Finished floor level and axis markers are perfect for permanently ensuring the surveyd measurements are securely marked unitl after plastering work.

    Price £1.68 (£2.02 inc VAT)

  • RS30 & RS31 (Self-adhesive)

    RS31 and The RS31 which is self adhesive can be used for for quick positioning using the tachymeter and all common measuring instruments.

    Price £3.36 (£4.03 inc VAT)

  • RS40

    RS40 targets are smart targets for ensuring heights and axes are securely marked for industrial construction and hall construction.

    Price £2.23 (£2.68 inc VAT)

  • RS50, RS60, RS70

    RS50 (small refelctive target), RS60 (bigger reflective target) and RS70 (non reflective target) Smart targets can be used for quick position with total stations and all other common measuring instruments and can be easily mounted on difficult surfaces.

    Price £3.36 (£4.03 inc VAT)

  • RS80, RS90, RS100

    RS80, RS90 and RS100 smart targets, RS80 are reflective targets RS90 are reflective targets and the RS100 are cross hair targets.

    Price £7.68 (£9.22 inc VAT)

  • RS95, RS96, RS97 Stake Out Aids

    RS95, RS96 and RS97 stake out aids targets were developed specifically for setting out work on the batter boards and on the floor slab. Exact measuring of the survey point on the floor slab often causes major problems particularly in the “final phase” with the last 5-10 cm. 

    Price £12.27 (£14.72 inc VAT)

  • RS183 Tilting Target

    These RS183 rotatable targets in plastic housings with 30x30mm reflective target can be tilted through 180 degrees and also combined with other RS183 targets.

    Price £18.09 (£21.71 inc VAT)

  • RSAKZ6

    The RSAKZ6 Reflective target carrier plate with 60x60mm reflector can be mounted on difficult surfaces.

    Price £7.23 £5.23 (£6.28 inc VAT)

  • RSAK80 Angle target

    RSAK80 angled target plates are used whenever it is impossible to take a direct reading.

    Price £13.17 £9.99 (£11.99 inc VAT)

  • RSAK130 Angle Target

    RSAK130 Angle Targets are perfect when direct readings are not possible

    Price £8.08 (£9.70 inc VAT)

  • RSAMG80 Target

    The RSAMG80 targets for bridge construction, bridge monitoring and tunnel construction.

    Price £36.82 (£44.18 inc VAT)

  • RS192M Rotatable Tilting Target

    RS192M with 20x20mm non reflective target, these targets can tilt 180° and swivel through 360°

    Price £29.45 (£35.34 inc VAT)

  • RS193M Rotating Tilting Reflective Target

    The RS193 Rotating tilting reflective target making it possible to use the same survey point from all directions.

    Price £29.45 (£35.34 inc VAT)

  • RSMP10 and RSMP12

    RSMP10 12.7mm mini prism and RSMP12 17.5mm mini prism perfect for taking measurements in cracks and gaps.

    Price £41.36 (£49.63 inc VAT)

  • RSMP15

    The RSMP15 Mini prism target with 12.7mm mini prism sticks quickly and easily to difficult surfaces.

    Price £43.18 (£51.82 inc VAT)

  • RSMP180 , RSMP280, RSMP380

    RSMP180 12.7mm, RSMP280 17.5mm and RSMP380 25.4mm prism targets that can be rotated through 180° 

    Price £57.27 (£68.72 inc VAT)

  • RSMP190M With Rotating And Tilting 12.7mm Mini Prism

    RSMP190M with 12.7mm mini prism that can titlt 180 degrees and rotate 360 degrees.

    Price £68.64 (£82.37 inc VAT)

  • RSMP290M With Rotating And Tilting 17.5mm Mini Prism

    RSMP290M with 17.5mm mini prism that can titlt 180 degrees and rotate 360 degrees.

    Price £75.91 (£91.09 inc VAT)

  • RSMP390M With Rotating And Tilting 25.4mm Mini Prism

    RSMP190M with 25.4mm mini prism that can titlt 180 degrees and rotate 360 degrees.

    Price £90.45 (£108.54 inc VAT)

  • RSLT10 Foldable Laser Target

    The foldable laser target RSLT10 has been developed for quickly setting up a line laser into an accurate position along the axis.

    Price £22.00 (£26.40 inc VAT)

  • RSL496 Foldable Laser Scanner Targets

    RSL496 Laser scanner target perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Price £35.45 (£42.54 inc VAT)

  • RSL-X90M

    The RSL-X90M Laser scanner target excellently suited to scanners.

    Price £37.20 (£44.64 inc VAT)

  • RSL300 Laser Scanner Target

    THE RSL300 Laser scanner targets, quick and easy attachment, waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Price £3.91 (£4.69 inc VAT)

  • RSALU22

    The RSALU22 Markers are specially designed for long distance measurements with a range of 400m-500m

    Price £42.55 (£51.06 inc VAT)

  • RSFP1 Aluminium Plate With Engraved Cross Fixed Point

    RSFP1 Aluminium plate with engraved cross as fix point.

    Price £37.73 (£45.28 inc VAT)

  • RSFP-X90 Resumption Point

    The RSFP-X90 resumpyion point means some suited reflective targets or mini prisms can always be re positioned in exactly the same place.

    Price £3.64 (£4.37 inc VAT)

  • RSPC10 & RSPC10M (Magnetic) Protective Caps

    The RSPC10 and RSPC10M magnetic protective caps protect prisms/targets against dirt

    Price £4.27 (£5.12 inc VAT)

  • RSPC50

    Metal cube RSPC50 is screwed onto a prism rod using the 5/8' thread. This makes it easy to remove and replace the magnetic protective caps 

    Price £35.45 (£42.54 inc VAT)

  • RSMK-FIX Adhesive

    The RSMK-Fix adhesive is suitable for fixing our targets to metal, concrete and stone services.

    Price £14.05 (£16.86 inc VAT)

  • RSL510 Ground Marker

    The RSL510 Ground marker is a large waterproof targets, 350x350 mm, allowing you to survey points from drones and scanners.

    Price £4.82 (£5.78 inc VAT)