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Profile boards

The basic principle when using profile boards is to place a series of level boards that show the exact level a set height above the completed construction levels. With practice, this method provides a simple but sound method, providing adequate precision and finally delivers the required quality standards for the completed road construction works.

At South Survey we have a range of profile boards to meet your requirements from the basic wooden stake and board kits to the more sophisticated, environmentally friendly, re-usable boards.


  • 25 Timber profile boards (73 x 13 x 900mm) + Free Nails

    25 Timber profile boards (73 x 13 x 900mm) + Free Nails

    Price £13.50 (£16.20 inc VAT)

  • Crossbone pack

    Cross-Bone is a unique profiling system and the most significant and practical development in site setting out since tape measures took over from chains. The cross-Bone system has a number of unique benefits...

    • Cost saving
    • Speed and efficiency
    • Waste reduction
    • Health and safety
    • Company image
    • Environment

    Price £159.00 (£190.80 inc VAT)