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Paint & Paint Applicators

Inverted Marking Paint (also known as "upside down paint" or A.M.P.E.R.E'S Star Marker) is used by Land Surveyors, Utility Location Experts, or anyone that wants to mark a location on the ground. Paint Marking Wands and Paint Marking Wheels make quick work out of larger marking jobs. We also sell athletic paint and marking machine which is ideal for marking out sports fields.


  • Line Marker

    One Line line marker is a lead free, resin based Permanent line marking paint in a large £750ml can.

    Price £2.75 (£3.30 inc VAT)

  • Star Marker

    With a long life, non-clogging nozzle the star marker is ideal to have in the back of any van. With a rotating safety cap means no more lost lids.

    Price £44.00 (£52.80 inc VAT)

  • Star Marker Temporary

    For temporary line marking i.e. races, events etc use star marker temporary

    Price £67.50 (£81.00 inc VAT)

  • Traffic Paint

    Resists traffic, weather, and fuel spillage. The traffic paint extra is a longer lasting formula thanks to its reinforced colour.

    Price £87.00 (£104.40 inc VAT)

  • Marking Pistol

    For easy application of spray paint without getting it all over your hands

    Price £24.77 (£29.72 inc VAT)

  • Marking Handle

    Ideal for marking the ground without having to bend down

    Price £25.53 (£30.64 inc VAT)

  • 2 Wheel Line Marking Machine for 750ml Cans

    Line marking machine for 750ml cans

    Price £95.00 (£114.00 inc VAT)

  • 4 wheel Line Marking Machine for 750ml Cans

    4 wheel line marking machine for 750ml cans

    Price £149.00 (£178.80 inc VAT)

  • Line Marking Machine (Perfect Striper)

    The line marker makes painting lines easy, fast and more economical

    Price £106.00 (£127.20 inc VAT)