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Marking & Survey Points

We have a wide range of ground marking and setting out equipment including...

  • Survey Flags
  • Paint
  • Survey Nails
  • Marking Crayons
  • Marking Plates (Temporary and Permanent)

  • Paint & Paint Applicators

    Inverted Marking Paint (also known as "upside down paint" or A.M.P.E.R.E'S Star Marker) is used by Land Surveyors, Utility Location Experts, or anyone that wants to mark a location on the ground. Paint Marking Wands and Paint Marking Wheels make quick work out of larger marking jobs. We also sell athletic paint and marking machine which is ideal for marking out sports fields.

  • Ranging / Marking Poles

    Multi coloured poles / rods used as a visual aid to assist in surveying and marking out items of interest such as utilities under ground and warning of over head hazards.

  • Profile boards

    The basic principle when using profile boards is to place a series of level boards that show the exact level a set height above the completed construction levels. With practice, this method provides a simple but sound method, providing adequate precision and finally delivers the required quality standards for the completed road construction works.

    At South Survey we have a range of profile boards to meet your requirements from the basic wooden stake and board kits to the more sophisticated, environmentally friendly, re-usable boards.

  • Paint Pens & Crayons

    High quality marking paint pens and crayons with a wide range of uses on sites.

  • Survey Pegs, Flags & Ground Markers

    Colored flags are oftern used to mark the location and denote the type of underground utility or survey point. Here at South Survey we have a wide range of marking solutions from the basic wooden marking peg / stake to the more elaberate ground maker and head to muilti coloured flags. If we dont have listed the item you require please contact us.  

  • Survey, Ordinary Nails & Washers

    At South Survey we have a wide range of survey nails and markers / washers to meet your requirements. From colourful plastic washers which can be easily seen to the more discrete metal washers.

  • Survey Marker Plates

    Survey Marker Plates and Reflectors can be used as temporary or permanent datum markers for laser levels, total stations and theodolites. They come in a range of sizes and shapes to meet all your requirements. For more information please contact the office.

  • Targets

    Applied in tunnels, dams, bridges, monuments, structures, buildings, slopes and landslides.

  • Monitoring

    We supply a wide range of monitoring equipment and accessories. If you can not find what you are looking for please contact us with your requirements and we will be more than happy to assist.

  • Builders Line

    Builders line is used to give a straight line between two points, for example to mark the position of foundations and walls.