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Laser Scanners

Laser Scanners


  • Stonex X300 Laser Scanner

    Stonex X300 Laser scanner is the best solution for any application, balancing economic efficiency and highly accurate outputs. The sealed external case protects optic and EDM components allowing the scanner to operate in dusty environments without risk of damaging sensitive parts.

    Price on Application

  • Kaarta Contour Scanner

    Real-time 3D map generation of as-built multi-room interiors, multi-floor plans, buildings, pipelines, industrial plants and infrastructure, etc. for planning and maintenance purposes. 

    Price on Application

  • Stencil Scanner

    Stencil is a stand-alone, light weight, and low-cost system unleashing the integrated power of mapping and real-time position estimation for infrastructure
    inspectors, security personnel, architects, farmers, or anyone who needs an easy way to document the 3D world quickly and dependably.

    Price on Application

  • Laser Scanner Target RSL496

    The laser scanner target is collapsible, enabling it to be stowed away and transported using a minimum of space.

    Price £40.47 (£48.56 inc VAT)

  • RSL300 Laser Scanner Targets

    RSL300 Laser Scanner Targets for Leica HDS 6000 and Leica Scan Station 2

    Price £3.58 (£4.30 inc VAT)