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Chemical / Calcium Carbide Moisture Meters & Reagent

This test is done to determine the water content in soil, brick, plaster and many other materials by calcium carbide method. It is a method for rapid determination of water content from the gas pressure developed by the reaction of calcium carbide with the free water of the material tested.


  • Calcium Carbide Meter

    Carbide-moisture meter Classic – the standard design, ideal for every craftsman

    A solid device, top-professional, easily operated, highly precisely, equipped with a mechanical manometer with over-pressure protection of up to 2,5 bar. A sturdy precision-spring  is used for sample weighing.

    Price £499.00 (£598.80 inc VAT)

  • Calcium Carbide Reagent

    This 600g tin of Calcium Reagent is for use with the Speedy, Gann and other models of moisture measurement pressure vessels.

    The calcium carbide reagent used with the tester is a hazardous product that must be handled with care by the user and with consideration for the environment.

    Price £35.00 (£42.00 inc VAT)

  • Calcium Carbide Ampules

    CM-ampoules Calcium Carbide, Set of 25, according to DIN 18560-4:

    Price £39.50 (£47.40 inc VAT)