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Manhole Keys/Lifters

We have a wide range of man hole keys and lifters to meet all your requirements. From the basic man hole key to the hydraulic lifters with a wide range of interchangeable keys we have it all. If you have any queries regarding any of our product please contact us.


  • Manhole Keys (Pair)

    Heavy Duty manhole cover keys, with rectangle shape end and triangle handle priced per pair

    Price £8.20 (£9.84 inc VAT)

  • Contractors Multi-purpose Manhole Keys

    Interchangeable keys for manholes and water stop taps.

    Price £34.25 (£41.10 inc VAT)

  • Hydra Manhole Lifting Tool

    The Hydra lifting tool is strong, lightweight and designed to lift covers simply and effectively. There are four different key heads which can be used on most keyholes.

    Price £105.00 (£126.00 inc VAT)

  • Heavy Duty Manhole Lifter

    Strong and lightweight, these manhole cover lifters are a simple means of removing most types of drain cover. The manhole cover lifter comprises four different key head designs to locate into most cover keyholes.

    Price £195.00 (£234.00 inc VAT)

  • MagTech Manhole Buddy (Lifter)

    Manhole Buddy uses a folding trolley and a choice of cover attachments to unseat and lift manhole covers.

    The powerful MagTec lifting magnet is fast to deploy and works on any metallic cover – no need to clean the keyholes.

    The KeyTec attachment comprises a load spreader bar and a selection of keys – works on all covers. Both feature a unique cover unseating facility, which greatly eases the lifting task.

    Easy to transport and store; fast to deploy; suitable for average build person to lift covers up to 100 kg.

    Price £896.00 (£1,075.20 inc VAT)

  • Handy Lift Manhole Lifter - Wheeler

    The Handylift Wheeler is a low-cost manually operated lifter which requires neither strength or skill, yet it will lift stuck covers. A wide array of keys are available to suit every man hole.

    Price £455.00 (£546.00 inc VAT)

  • Handy Lift Manhole Lifter - Swinger

    The super-small Handylift Swinger is a new concept in lifters. It will fit in almost any car boot and as it weighs only 16 kg.

    Price £486.00 (£583.20 inc VAT)

  • Handy Lift Manhole Lifter - Hydraulic

    Light and easy to use. With a breakout force of 1.5 tonnes it will enable anyone to lift stuck covers without effort. It is one of the most versatile lifters on the market, capable of lifting all types of covers with the correct keys and accessories.

    Price £630.00 (£756.00 inc VAT)