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gSkin U-Value Kit

Easy assessment of energy losses in buildings
In Europe, a large part of the energy consumption is caused by badly insulated buildings.
The U-Value KIT enables you to precisely measure the heat loss of buildings.
On the basis of the measured data, energetic retrofitting can be planned accordingly.

Advantages of the U-Value KIT
• Measures how much heat (in Watt) flows through
one square meter of a wall
• Delivers reliable quantitative data
• Heat flux method according to ISO-9869
• Non-invasive measurement
• Easy processing of measured data
• Measurements starting from 5° C temperature difference

Applications examples:

Calculating heating requirements:

U-Value measurement generates
reliable, quantitative
• Calculation of needed heating
requirements to avoid

Status-quo assessment before

• Exact status-quo assessment
increases quality of planning
• Retrofitting according to
legal standards and subsidiary
schemes possible

Acceptance of construction work /
structural damage control:

• In case of a damage, an
U-Value measurement can increase
the transparency between
the parties


U-Value KIT incl. 1 calibrated silicone embedded Heat Flux Sensor, 2 temperature sensors, data logger, USB connection, analysing software, mounting tape and robust transport box

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Price £1,295.00 (£1,554.00 inc VAT)