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Humidity meters / Hygrometers

Thermo Hygrometers are a type of humidity meter used for monitoring and measuring relative humidity.

South Survey has a wide range of humidity meters suitable for a wide range of humidity measurement applications. The range includes: Hygrometers, Thermo Hygrometers, Dew Point Thermo Hygrometers, Humidity Chart Recorders, and Humidity Data Loggers.


  • Hi- Accuracy Hand Held Thermo-Hygrometer

    This high accuracy, hand-held Thermo-Hygrometer is a combined humidity & air temperature meter with wet bulb and dew point temperatures. The humidity range is 0 to 100% with 2% RH accuracy and the temperature range is -30° to 100°C with 0.5°C accuracy. It features a 45mm high intensity backlit LCD with dual display of humidity and temperature readings. The impact-resistant ABS case is supplied with a rubber boot and mounting clip to allow single-handed use, making this thermo-hygrometer ideal for a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications.

    Price £95.00 (£114.00 inc VAT)