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Environmental Monitoring Equipment

South Survey have an extensive range of Environmental Monitoring Test Equipment. This equipment covers the entire spectrum of environmental considerations such as: Sound, Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality Analysis, Airflow / Wind, Landfill Gas Monitors, Light Meters & Moisture Meters. These cover the majority of Health and Safety considerations for office, workshop and field applications.

  • Light Meters

    Light can be measured in many ways. Lux and footcandles are the two most popular measurements chosen by industry. The Lux range is a European standard, and Footcandles are a U.S. scale. Lux (Lux) is a unit of illumination of one square metre, which is one metre away from a uniform light source. Footcandle (FC) a unit of illumination of one square foot, which is one foot away from a uniform light source. 1 Lux = 0.0929 FC 1 FC = 10.76 Lux

  • Thermometers

    We can provide a thermometer to suit almost any temperature measurement application in commercial, industrial and scientific environments. Our thermometers range includes Alarm Thermometers, Thermocouples, Infrared Thermometers, Probes, Datalogging Thermometers, Chart Recorders, Multi-function Instruments, Labels & Checkers, Indoor Thermometers, Outdoor Thermometers, Indoor / Outdoor Thermometers and all required extras. If we dont have listed what you require please contact us.

  • Environment Meters

    Multi-function Environment Meters for Environmental Monitoring allow for monitoring of

    • Sound & Light Levels
    • Humidity
    • Temperature
    • Air Quality Meters
    • Carbon Dioxide Monitors

    Within one meter. (Please Note: options depend on model)

  • Anemometers

    Instrument for measuring the speed of airflow. The most familiar instruments for measuring wind speeds are the revolving cups that drive an electric generator (useful range approximately 5 – 100 knots). For very low airspeeds, a unit in which revolving vanes operate a counter measures the airspeed. For strong, steady wind speeds (in wind tunnels and aboard aircraft in flight), a pitot-tube anemometer is often used; the pressure difference between the interior of the tube and the surrounding air can be measured and converted to airspeed.

  • Humidity meters / Hygrometers

    Thermo Hygrometers are a type of humidity meter used for monitoring and measuring relative humidity.

    South Survey has a wide range of humidity meters suitable for a wide range of humidity measurement applications. The range includes: Hygrometers, Thermo Hygrometers, Dew Point Thermo Hygrometers, Humidity Chart Recorders, and Humidity Data Loggers.

  • Sound Meters

    South Survey has a wide range of sound, noise and vibration level monitoring equipment to help you maintain a safe working environment for your staff and adhere to Noise at Work and Machinery regulations. Our product list includes; Noise and Vibration Monitoring, Sound Level Meters, Sound Level Alerts, Sound Exposure Meters, Personal Sound Dosemeter, Sound Calibrators, Environmental Sound Level Meters, Vibration Monitors.

    If we dont have listed what you require please give us a call and we will endeavour to help.

  • U Value Measurement

    A U value is a measure of heat loss. It is expressed in W/m2k, and shows the amount of heat lost in watts (W) per square metre of a building (for example wall, roof, floor etc.) when the temperature (k) outside is at least one degree lower. The lower the u value, the better insulated the building.