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Vivax-Metrotech sets a new standard for Pipe and Cable locators providing the most comprehensive range of features and flexibility across all products


  • vScan Cable Avoidance

    vScan & vScanM Pipe & cable locator for avoidance & tracing applications with optional extras - GPS, Bluetooth, Metal Mode, Transmitter

    Price £650.00 (£780.00 inc VAT)

  • vLocPro2 Receiver + Transmitter

    vLocPro2 builds on the features of the original vLocPro to enhance productive location:

    Price £35.00 (£42.00 inc VAT)

  • VM-550 Receiver + Transmitter

     The VM-550 pipe and cable locator is general purpose locators used to detect buried pipe and cable services in a variety of situations.

    Price £340.00 (£408.00 inc VAT)

  • VM-880

    The VM-880 Ferromagnetic Locator is designed to easily locate buried ferrous objects while rejecting non magnetic objects such as aluminum cans and bottle caps.

    Price £671.00 (£805.20 inc VAT)

  • vCam-5 Inspection System

    Vivax-Metrotech camera systems give you the flexibility to cover a range of inspections including indoor drain lines, municipal collection systems, residential plumbing, indoor commercial lines, and lateral lines from 3 inch up to 8 inches in diameter.

    Price on Application

  • Sondes

    A small transmitting coil which may be built into a product such as a sewer camera or packaged as a small self contained battery powered transmitter.

    Price £199.00 (£238.80 inc VAT)

  • vLocPro2 Transmitters

    A wide range of transmitters are available for use with the vLocPro2 receiver.

    Price £546.00 (£655.20 inc VAT)

  • Signal Clamps

    Signal Clamps are used to apply the transmitter signal to an insulated line, removing the need to connect the transmitter signal directly to a conductor or cable sheath.

    Price on Application