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Inspection & Detection

  • Crack Monitoring/Tell Tales

    Most buildings crack at sometime during their service life. Usually the cracks are of little consequence but they may be the first indication of a serious defect. Monitoring the changes in crack width across a crack helps determine the cause of cracking and decide what remedial work should be specified. South Survey supply a range of products for monitoring the movement of cracks.

  • Moisture Meters

    There are two main methods of MC measurement – Capacitance and Resistance.

    Resistance Meters (Pin Meters)

    These are commonly known as Pin Meters and used to be the most commonly used meters throughout the world. They have two or more pins that are pushed into the wood. Direct current travels out one pin into the moist wood and is picked up by another pin. These meters measure the resistance to a current. Dry wood allows little current to pass, damper wood permits more. The meter reads how much resistance there is to the current and correlates the resistance to wood moisture content.

    Electromagnetic Wave Technology (EMW Meters)

    Sometimes called pinless meters, these meters measure the moisture content of concrete and wood without piercing the wood with pins. These meters emit electrical waves through a sensor that is pressed against the wood. The waves create an electromagnetic field (EMF) the size of the sensor to a depth up to either .75″ to 1.0″ depending on which model is specified. The field behaves differently depending on how much moisture is in the wood. EMF meters are based on the Capacitance method, but a properly designed meter will take many more factors into consideration. EMF meters measure the capacity of wood to store energy (capacitance), the amount of power the wood absorbs from the field (power loss) or the woods resistance to the field (impedance). The meters translate this electrical information to percent moisture content (%MC).

  • Glass Analysis Tools

    This range of high quality glass analysis tools have been specifically designed for the surveyor and or glazing professional, who need to find out the properties of glass within a building.

  • Manhole Keys/Lifters

    We have a wide range of man hole keys and lifters to meet all your requirements. From the basic man hole key to the hydraulic lifters with a wide range of interchangeable keys we have it all. If you have any queries regarding any of our product please contact us.

  • Inspection Cameras / Borescopes / Endoscopes

    A video borescope or "inspection camera" is a flexible borescope that uses a miniature video camera at the end of the flexible tube. A detachable display on the handle shows the camera view.

  • Infrared Cameras

    Infrared thermography is the easiest and quickest method to detect energy waste, moisture and electrical issues in buildings. An infrared camera shows exactly where the problems are and helps focus the inspectors' attention allowing them to accurately diagnose areas with energy loss.

    For more information on Infrared Thermography please click here


  • Environmental Monitoring Equipment

    South Survey have an extensive range of Environmental Monitoring Test Equipment. This equipment covers the entire spectrum of environmental considerations such as: Sound, Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality Analysis, Airflow / Wind, Landfill Gas Monitors, Light Meters & Moisture Meters. These cover the majority of Health and Safety considerations for office, workshop and field applications.

  • Wall Tie & Stud Locators

    Any contractor engaged in maintenance work will be familiar with the problem of accurately locating the exact position of wall ties and studs in partitions.

    Here at South Survey we have a wide range of wall tie and stud locators to meet all your requirments and budgets.

  • Concrete Cover Meter

    Locating steel reinforcement bars and metal pipes is essential in the construction and maintenance of structures. Damage caused when a drill or a fastener makes contact with a pipe can be costly. A drill making contact with rebars or tendon ducts, not only destroys the drill bit, but can lead to serious structural damage.

  • Cable Detection & Avoidance

    Buried cables and pipes are a major hazard for anyone working in the construction industry with our range of cable detection and cable avoidance tools this risk can be considerably reduced