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Tape Measures

Professional-grade heavy-duty Measuring Rules and Tapes that are made to last. For any user, Architects, Contractors, Engineers, Builders, Estimators, Designers, and Surveyors all use our measuring tapes and measuring rulers.


  • Fisco TUF Lok Measuring Tape

    The Fisco TUF-Lok tape is ergonomically designed with a flexible outer case. 3m, 5m, 8m lengths available.

    Price £3.33 (£4.00 inc VAT)

  • Fisco Big T Tape Measure

    Big T is probably the world's most advanced measuring tape.

    Its development based on hundreds of hours of detailed on-site research with dozens of different trade users, looked at every aspect of how processionals measure.

    The result is a tape with a multitude of user benefits designed for measuring more quickly, easily and reliably.

    Price £14.50 (£17.40 inc VAT)

  • Fisco Pacer Steel Tapes

    Fisco Pacer Steel Tapes available in 30m, 50, 100m

    Price £56.21 (£67.45 inc VAT)

  • SECO Fibreglass Measuring Tapes

    SECO 30m/90m Metric Fibreglass Measuring Tape, the coated tapes are designed to be used in the field for many years.

    Price £15.20 (£18.24 inc VAT)

  • SECO Steel Measuring Tape

    SECO 30m and 60m metric steel measuring tapes made with nylon-coated steel and features a hook end and fast-winding crank.

    Price £29.95 (£35.94 inc VAT)