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Leica Disto Laser Measure

Laser Distance Measuring Tools, also known as "Electronic Tape Measures", "Laser Distance Finders" or "Digital Measuring Devices", offer true laser light (not sound) for the most accurate measuring. You simply point the laser distance measuring devices dot at a target like a wall, a house, a utility pole, nearly any object, and the device will show the distance on its LCD screen.


  • Leica Disto D110

    The Leica DISTO™ D110 is world’s smallest laser distance meter with integrated Bluetooth® Smart technology.

    Price £99.00 (£118.80 inc VAT)

  • Leica Disto D2

    Leica's newest take on the classic Leica DISTO™ D2.

    Now with Bluetooth, a fully integrated intelligent endpiece, a bright white display and an ISO certified measuring engine that drives 1.5mm accuracy and 100m measuring range.

    Price £139.00 (£166.80 inc VAT)

  • Leica Disto X310

    The new Leica Disto X310 is the only laser distance meter to be dust-light and protected against water jets - to IP65. In addition, it passes drop tests of up to 2m height. Thanks to the integrated tilt sensor, it can take indirect distance and height measurements absolutely precisely.

    Leica Disto X310 - guarentees reliable measurements, even under the harshest conditions.

    Price £169.00 (£202.80 inc VAT)

  • Leica Disto D510

    Presenting the new Leica DISTO D510, the world’s only ISO 16331-1 certified laser distance meter with digital Pointfinder- ideal for outdoor use on construction sites. Designed for real job site use, the D510 meets tough IP65 certification - dust and waterproof. The Leica DISTO D510 features Bluetooth Smart 4.0, enabling communication to the latest Apple iPhone and iPad devices. This is a major step in improving the workflow of anyone that needs to document and exchange data wirelessly from the work site to office.

    Price £399.00 (£478.80 inc VAT)

  • Leica Disto D810 Touch

    World’s first: The Leica DISTO™ D810 touch is the first laser distance meter world-wide with a touch screen, allowing for quick and intuitive operation. Another revolutionary feature allows for measurements with pictures. Due to the integrated camera it is also possible to take pictures and download them with the USB-interface to a computer. The high functionality is perfectly completed by the smart free app “Leica DISTO™ sketch”.

    Price £599.00 (£718.80 inc VAT)

  • Leica Disto D810 Touch Exterior Package

    The professional package for convenient aiming and precise measurement

    Price £820.00 (£984.00 inc VAT)

  • Leica DistoTripod - TRI 70

    The Leica tripod has been designed for use with all of the Leica Distos.

    But can be used with any camera with a 6mm (1/4") tripod mounting.

    Price £37.78 (£45.34 inc VAT)