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Distance Measuring

  • Tape Measures

    Professional-grade heavy-duty Measuring Rules and Tapes that are made to last. For any user, Architects, Contractors, Engineers, Builders, Estimators, Designers, and Surveyors all use our measuring tapes and measuring rulers.

  • Measuring Wheels

    Distance Measuring Wheels are excellent tools for measuring long distances in a hurry. They are great for estimating jobs, building plot sizes, grass seed and fertilizer calculations, insurance calculations, fence estimating, utility contracting, when a large distance measurement is needed quickly.

    Choose from many sizes, the rougher the terrain, the larger the wheel, and the smoother the terrain, the smaller the wheel.

  • Leica Disto Laser Measure

    Laser Distance Measuring Tools, also known as "Electronic Tape Measures", "Laser Distance Finders" or "Digital Measuring Devices", offer true laser light (not sound) for the most accurate measuring. You simply point the laser distance measuring devices dot at a target like a wall, a house, a utility pole, nearly any object, and the device will show the distance on its LCD screen.

  • Other Laser Distance Meters

    Laser Distance Meters

  • Inclinometer / Digital Angle Measures

    These self-contained digital inclinometers (digital angle measurers) can be used to give a direct readout of the angle.